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SPRCA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 6 June 2017

The Selly Park Tavern Bowling Alley

  1. Minutes of 2016 AGM, attendees and apologies
  2. AOB listing
  3. Neighbourhood Watch
  4. Parking
  5. Flooding update
  6. Questions for the Councillors
  7. Website/Facebook page
  8. Treasury & Social report
  9. Committee activity in the year
    1. Planning
    2. Halloween
    3. Advocacy for residents
  1. Committee membership
  2. AOB


Minutes of Selly Park Community Residents Association – June 13th 2016

Present: Committee: Martin Witteveen (Chair), Lorna Wallace-Davis (Treasurer) Sean Russell (Neighbourhood Watch), Martin Monks, David Sammons and 35 residents present. Karen McCarthy (councillor).

Minutes: These were distributed.

Matters arising: none (many appear later as separate items on the agenda)

Flood prevention plans: the majority of the meeting was given over to this item as follows:

  • Presentation by the Environmental Association on their proposals to the council regarding flood prevention and by Calthorpe Estates about their planning submission regarding the use of the old Pebble Mill site including retail outlets, student accommodation and a financial contribution to flood prevention measures.
  • This was followed by a Q&A session which included the following issues: why the need for more student accommodation; concerns about more building on a flood plain; lack of parking provision especially in light of increasing use of SPRCA streets by non-residents; a sense of being ‘held to ransom’ – no government funding for flood work available, so offer form Calthorpe of some £4 million seen as a ‘sweetener’ to encourage residents to support planning;
  • People were directed to the Council planning website to register response to planning proposals.

NB: Since the meeting, there was a flood on June 16th affecting residents in 3rd, 4th and Sir Johns caused by flash flood and Bournbrook overflowing. A subsequent meeting was convened by the Council and EA at the Selly Park Tavern to (a) receive information from residents about the flood and (b) to give more information about the flood prevention planning proposal.

Councillor update: now more difficult for houses to be changed into multiple occupancy dwellings. Answered questions from a local resident who had sustained injuries after falling over a uneven pavement in Sir Johns. Clly McCarthy said she would follow up.

Website: new one up and running. Jon Jones from 3rd Avenue has volunteered to update it. Martin W to liaise with him over admin rights. Residents requested new website address to be publicised.

Neighbourhood Watch: We now have a new Community Police Support Officer who was unable to attend. Sean reported very little crime in the last year except a couple of bikes stolen; a set of car wheels stolen from 4th . He asked for people to let him know of any instances of crime and to report same to police promptly.

Sean Russell

Environmental Agency meeting notification
8 September at 6pm

Letter received from Steve McCabe MP regarding an upcoming meeting which you can attend with the Environmental agency to discuss the Pebble Mill flood scheme plan – to let them know if you can attend the meeting email him at or call his office on 0121 443 3878
Letter from Steve McCabe, MP – July 2016 regarding flood impact

For those that havent seen it, here’s a letter from Steve McCabe MP regarding the postal survey that was held a while back relating to the Pebble Mill development and floods.
AGM agenda from 14th June 2016

  1. Minutes of 2015 AGM, attendees and apologies
  2. Questions for the Councillor(s)
  3. Flood improvements & Pebble Mill planning discussion
  4. Neighbourhood Watch
  5. Treasury & Social report
  6. Chairman’s report
  7. Committee activity in the year
  8. Website
  9. Committee appointments
  10. AOB & comments from the floor
Pebble Mill development planning application

Hello Neighbours
Please find below the link to the planning application for the proposed developments at Pebble Mill