Neighbourhood Watch



The Scheme was established in 2011. This is generally a very safe area and if we continue to be aware of security and look out for our neighbours it is likely to stay that way. We operate the scheme for the benefit of all residents in a way that is helpful and not time-consuming or intrusive. It does not replace the police, but helps communication between residents and with the police to ensure that we feel safe.

Sean Russell is the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and liaises with our own Police Community Support Officer, Ade Richards – see: This Website . Sean also sends out an email newsletter every few months if there is anything to report, and with advice about keeping safe. If you’d like to be included, just send an email to with your name and address or contact him at 25 Third Avenue or phone 0121 258 7776, mobile 07776215873.


If you are the victim of a crime, however trivial, report it to the police. If you witness suspicious behaviour or nuisance behaviour, then call 101 the non-emergency number. In either case please also let Sean know.

Here are a few tips. I know, they look stunningly obvious, but we all forget from time to time:

  • The most obvious way of maintaining security is to get to know your neighbours, especially when new neighbours are moving in. Don’t leave it for 10 years before saying hello.
  • If you’re away then put your table lamps on timers
  • Let your neigbours know when you’re away and perhaps leave them a key – especially useful if your alarm goes off or if your car needs moving, or if you’ve gone away for two weeks and think you’ve left the iron on … no? – just me then.
  • Don’t leave car keys in coat pockets near front/back doors
  • Close your downstairs and upstairs accessible windows at night
  • Take your valuables and car keys upstairs at night
  • Keep sheds secure

It’s easy to change the content of this page, so do let Sean have ay ideas for making it more helpful.

October 2015.