Newsletter April 2017



The SPRCA is for those who live in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Avenues, Sir Johns and those properties on Pershore Road between 1st and Sir John’s. The Association and the committee is to encourage a sense of community and share information. The AGM is a great way to listen to others’ views and express your own opinion and will be taking place in the Selly Park Tavern Skittle Alley on Tuesday 6th June at 7pm

Neighbourhood Watch Update: Although we live in a generally safe area, please continue to be vigilant, close windows, lock cars and please, please let your neighbours know if you’re going to be away and let them know how to shut off burglar alarms if they go off.  And report any crime to the police immediately and post any criminal activity on our Facebook page.

Flooding: work has begun on flood prevention work to ensure that the flooding that happened in parts of 3rd, 4th , Sir Johns and Pershore Road won’t happen again.

Facebook page: In order to streamline communication between residents and the committee we have launched a Facebook group page in conjunction with our long standing website.  The security on the page will be set so that only members can see the content. Within the page we have the ability to store and display useful documents and to create events which we will be able to invite you to. There is also the ability to comment and make people aware of upcoming events on the page timeline. The page will be monitored and moderated.  It should not be used for complaints about neighbours or property issues, but it can be used for raising concerns about issues that affect the neighbourhood. If you are unable to access Facebook or the website, please let Jon Jones know at:…………….

To become a member all you need to do is search for Selly Park Residents Community Association on Facebook and click the join button

Parking: parking is becoming more congested. We’ll be asking people for an update of the situation in their roads.

Committee: we need new committee members. Meetings are in the pub, about 4 times a year for about an hour. Currently we have no-one from 1st, Sir John’s or Pershore Road which means a large number of residents are unrepresented. If you’re interested in finding out more, talk to current committee members on the evening or contact us via the website.

Conservation Area Status: You can find more information on the Avenues conservation area on the following website, You’ll need consent for most of the following: external doors and windows; porches and small extensions; alterations to roofs; satellite dishes; gates, fences, walls and boundaries; means of access; and painting the exterior of a house / painting brickwork or pebbledash. You’ll also need to notify the council to lop or fell a tree unless it is dead, dying or dangerous. Many of us have been through successful planning applications already so if you want to talk through anything informally, the Committee will gladly put you in touch with a willing resident.